Uniform and Shorts ordering info

New Assumption Cross Country athletes must purchase their uniform, which includes a singlet and pair of shorts, and a shirt we call the podium shirt. The podium shirt is a short sleeve black shirt with team logo that we require the girls to wear over their uniform to meets. Returning CC girls only need to buy these items if their existing shirt or uniform needs to be replaced.

On August 5, we concluded our ordering of the podium shirts. This was also an order where parents could order shorts, but the Nike uniform tops were not available, and so we are now conducting a second round of orders for the uniform top. Interested parents may also buy shorts in this round if they would like to do so as well. As before, the uniform and shorts are ordered online through BSN sports, and this will (only) occur from August 12 until August 16. On August 16, the sales window will close and no additional orders will be made.