2023 Uniform and Shorts ordering info

Team Shop flyer

Here is a direct link to the team shop.

New Assumption Cross Country athletes must purchase their uniform, which includes a singlet and pair of shorts. Returning CC girls only need to buy these items if their existing uniform needs to be replaced. We also allow the girls to order a team warmup.

This year, we are not ordering the uniform singlet through the team shop. We ordered a batch of uniforms that we will ultimately sell directly to the girls when they come in. Those uniform top singlets will be $31. This approach is more certain in terms of getting our singlets before the first meet.

The uniform purchasing window closes on August 7. Girls needing these items must purchase them during this time period, because once the window closes, no more orders may be placed. The uniforms are then delivered to the school (typically by late August, but before our first meet) and give out to the girls. Remember that the uniform shorts may be solid black spandex (volleyball-style shorts) with nothing on the waistband, or the black Nike shorts with white side stripe. Group A girls must order the spandex, but group B girls may order either pair of shorts. If you are a group A girl with objections or concerns related to wearing the spandex, then please be sure to speak with Coach Haworth. We want everyone to feel comfortable in their uniform and we're happy to work something out with those girls if it's necessary to do so.