2017 Cross Country Spiritwear

Here is the Cross Country spiritwear for 2017 from our second round of orders (due August 13, 2017). Note that none of these items are mandatory purchases and that several items are designed for both girls and parents.

Spiritwear order form (round 2): Click Here!

1. Nike Legend dri-fit t-shirt: short sleeve maroon t-shirt with a 2 color front design

2. Short sleeve posi-charge electric print t-shirt (moisture-wicking): maroon short sleeve moisture-wicking t-shirt with a 2 color front design

3. Short sleeve 50/50 blend t-shirt : light blue short sleeve t-shirt made of a 50% cotton/50% polyester blend, with a 2 color front design and 1 color back design

4. Quarter-zip pullover: white quarter zip with a 2 color full front embroidered logo

5. Maroon (retro) Sweatshirt: maroon with full front and optional last name on back. Will be available as a hoodie or crew neck, and features the (front) sweatshirt logo from one of Assumption's Cross Country team sweatshirts in the mid-1980s

6. Sweatpants: maroon with the retro (mid-80s) sweatshirt logo at the top of the left leg. These sweatpants are patterned after the sweatpants worn by the same mid-80s team where we got the sweatshirt logo.

7. Nike Featherlight Cap: a Nike hat made out of dri-fit material with "Rocket Cross Country" embroidered across the front.