2022 Cross Country Athlete Spiritwear

The following items are athlete spiritwear, and they will be sold in two rounds. Note that none of these items are a mandatory purchase, and as pointed out below, we will make these items available in each of two rounds of athlete spiritwear orders this Summer. Note that if there are supply chain issues which make any items unavailable or delayed, we will contact everyone asap, and that all screenprinted items are likely subject to a minimum order amount (typically 12 items).

Ordering period (round 1): July 15 - July 30 (item list below)
Ordering period (round 2): July 31 - August 14 (item list is forthcoming)

Athlete Spiritwear order form: forthcoming

Round 1 spiritwear order (due July 30)

1. Women’s short sleeve moisture-wicking t-shirt: carolina blue polyester/moisture wicking short sleeve t-shirt with a 2 color front design and 1 color back design

2. Nike Sports Bra: white Nike sports bra with a 2 color logo on the back

3a. Nike Featherlight (Dri-Fit) Cap - option 1: maroon Nike dri-fit hat with the "Assumption A" embroidered across the front and "Rocket XC" embroidered across the back.

3b. Nike Featherlight (Dri-Fit) Cap - option 2: dark gray (anthracite) Nike dri-fit hat with the "Rocket Cross Country" embroidered across the front.

Round 1 spiritwear order (due July 30)

For a preview of what we'll offer with spiritwear during Round 2, click here